Zowie is the main antagonist of Gitaroo Man for the PS2. He wants to rule the universe (and tbh who can blame him. hes just an ambitious guy yknow. a business dude. thats all im saying)

The man literally rules a whole empire. Literally in charge of an entrire planet. Can someone give this guy a day off. Personally I would invite him to a holiday at a nice hotel in Italy and buy him cocktails of various description. Do you think he knows how to sunbathe. I mean hes not super pale looking but the bar is low in comparison to his...coworker? Friend? Boyfriend?!??!

Ahem...anyways the guy who lives with him named Gregorio III. Boy that man has never left his chapel to see the light of day and at this point this makes me convinced of a personal theory that these two are Gay Homosexual Vampires.

Look. this guy literally has animal spiky teeth. Are you telling me hes not vampire coded hmm. Scared of the vampire community? Think the vampire fandom is gonna flock to Gitaroo Man for vampire representation that theyve yearned for all these millenums theyve lived for? Ohh are you scared theyre gonna drink your blood? Ohhh you pathetic crybaby do you think theyre gonna kill you? Lol

Moral of the story Have garlic on your disposal and play Gitaroo man

"damn you gitaroo man you limpdick loser"