Ahh..y..me bloge

26/05/2023 08:48

its the end of summer, and it seems like everyones in reasonably high spirits beacuse of it... besides a few mishaps. but i gues we cant all be happy all at the same time can we :[? ah well. my friend told me he wants to do a comic together! im not sure if i can even manage to do anuthing like that with the time i Have but it sounds fun!!!i do appreciate such a sentiment I Do I do...

10/05/2023 14:59

i saw a bird with a huge bunch of moss in its tiny mouth, and it was only a couple feet away from me. i think everything is gonnabe okay

11/04/2023 21:48

i got new pillows Becuse my previous ones were 10 years old...my back feels like it can feel love again... ahhh. i Think rui kamishiro would like pillows

01/04/2023 14:39

its spring break mother fracker!!! fiiinaly. i basically havent been able to work on any projects ive had cookin for errm...All of this year cus college is Kickeing My Asscheeks. All Of them.Buuut i rly rly wanna get some meat bitten off of the brunt of jobhunting9ks bbq. i have another thing im kiinda prioritsing above it rn so i kinda bet that jobhunting is more liekly to be done by next year rather than this year... :P BLEEEEP.Ok if I Dont Do Any of tTht Jacksquat ILll just like. Atlaest finsh an animation. thx for bearing with the food puns.axe OUT✌('w')

14/03/2023 15:48

The walls of clinics are painted the color of foam insulation.

30/01/2023 23:34

there was a box of pocky hiding under my bedwith all of the sticks inside broken up into little pieces. SUprrise NSnack

25/01/2023 23:34

today i saw a guy who looked exactly like peter griffin from family guy. life is full of great surprises and peace and love on planet earth as always

18/01/2023 15:06

today i saw a juicebox on the street left out seemingly overnight; it had a substantial layer of frost on the top. i was curious about the taste of 0 sugar coca cola (i dont tend to keep track of how each of the many cola varients taste so i end up having a cycle of drinking whichever ive forgotten the taste of every few years), so i bought some. apparently, it uses a strong substitute for sugar that they can only put a small dose into the drink for it to be not nauseatingly sweet (and possibily inedible altogether). it made a lot of sense, really. the flavor feels most definitely sweet, but distant from the familiar taste of sugary sweetness. its a little weird.

13/01/2023 12:28

a little bit tired. Gamedeving as a whole on my mind a lot... I kinda wish more people viewed stuff like free web games in the same way people view web art and didnt see it in such an overtly commercial light no matter what it is or how much it costs or who the dev is. Blehh...on the note of eating, today I ate the silly slop from a bucket. It tasted like cheese

19/11/2022 18:16

looks like twitter is at its doomsdays for real now...i guess thats what u get being a shitty boss, karma n all... i guess id be lying if im not gonna miss it since everyone is jumping ship. i feel like in the not so distant future twitter is just gonna be a weird somewhat sentimental distant memory, kind of like myspace for some people. like, Yeah, its got no signs of TECHNICALLY shutting down, but...cmon. i cant say i didnt have a lot of good memroies on there. well, maybe its not worth being mushy on here rather it would be more fitting on twitter itself, but i'll probably just be hanging around until the ship has truly sunk so any real goodbye might be somewhat obselete -,-;

31/10/2022 23:47

i Don't usually have soda or anything, but today I bought a lipton ice tea! It was really nice. seeing vending machines every day makes you really tempted to eat junk food a lot LOL... I generally am good at avoiding that stuff unless its offered to me though!

05/10/2022 20:40

today i bought candy with my friend! i got a haribo packet thing and she got some strawberry gummy looking thing that ive never heard of. i was super zonked out of it, because i managed to fail pretty badly at getting much sleep last night. So much for being cool and socially aware R.I.P.

15/09/2022 22:01

today i went to the circus!!!!! it was really good and cool and i c I C I Can now confirm Clowns Are Real. This is not a drill. Thi i

11/08/2022 14:06

on 1 hand:stressed2deth. On another hand. The game im making is like almost done aaaand splatoon3 is out SOON!!! dowww and whos coming over to the splatfest demo thing dawwww Awwwwwe ill be over.1 day Every tahng Will be OK my dearest dearys

22/06/2022 00:34

the optimal way to play a hat in time for the switch is to play while eating a salad because you can eat the salad while waiting on the incredibly long loading screens and they will be less insufferable because salad will not get too cold or too hot while you get to play the actual game and it is also really good

15/06/2022 01:24

hm..ive been quite unhappy for the past few days...ive been consistently anxious for most of this year and the end of last year, but im actively trying to clear my head more so i can really finally make strides in improving myself now ^_^ ys...i will be So cool...im gonna lay it all out and OBLITERATE avery thing wrong with my evil brain 1 by 1...pull out all of the bad stuff like brain gardening ukno..? im making a graph rn maybe ill cringe at it later but for now i gotta DO SHIT!!!!!

22/05/2022 15:11

ive been enjoying danganronpa so much, i just had to buy the original on switch... my exams are currently ongoing, so it might seem nonsensical to be playing a game at this time...i dont know...i just want to unwind on a sunday -_-;; i hope (danganronpa reference.?wwww) i can fix my sleep as soon as possible..

08/05/2022 01:40

i just had a very tremendous day....i played sooo much videogames and i beat danganronpa V3!!!!(the only video game i played. the plural in that sentence wus a lie.NYEHEEEEHEEHEE ok sorry for being annoying.) the rest of my day was going to be dedicated to looking at fanarts (since spoilers are no longer a worry looking online!!!) until when i realised salmon mode was a thing and i suddenly got so excitied....obviously i married kokichi.....obviously i stayed up until 1am doing his route.......thats what normal people do..................,,;;;

27/04/2022 21:26

ive been thinking alot about things like shifting and subliminals and stuff like that..!!! my friend was explaining it alot to me today...he talked about how he was able to shift into another reality in his sleep....its very interesting, and i dont distrust him about it. i was originally skeptical but i think its something worth understanding...im not usually the most spiritual person or do much unique rituals but it seems really nice...dont laugh at me for this but -_-;;; lately ive also been having a strong connection with a character...ive been thinkking a lot about how i feel a connections to them i efeel like i want to understand better....maybe i should start doing some kind of otherkins ritual to feel at comfort about it...sorry if it sounds weird...ahhhh!!!

24/04/2022 22:30

Oh boy...ive been videogameing ALL DAY today...ah...no exaggeration, its been 12 hours. what game U ask? Thx for asking. Im so glad U care about me....*blushes* (Its danganronpa) (I really love Keebo. Hes stolen my heart)

19/04/2022 16:23

oh yeahha....start of le bloge...Feelin swell n stuffs....oh boy ok umm so today i have monis so i can commission artists who i like...though im shy so ill probably mostly just commission friends xd